Year 2 PGL trip

Year 2's PGL trip in their own words.

Noah Stoll 2L

On the sunny Friday 6th May my year group went to PGL.  We were excited.  It was a very long ride on a coach but we finally got to this fantastic place.

First we were put into groups.  After that I was told my group was going to do the challenge course.  We went to a place where there were lots of obstacles.  We had to collect heavy wooden pieces and complete a tricky puzzle.  I had to go across the obstacles first.  It was extremely hard especially with something in your hand.  I finally made it and I put my piece in the square puzzle.  I was quite tired.

Later in the morning we did survivor.  I learnt that you could survive two hours in extreme conditions.  I also made tent pegs with safety knives.  We made tents in teams.  I had to place the sticks on a leaning log.  My team mates had to quickly run and get long sticks so I could make it.  We got eight out of ten.

Then we had lunch.   We lined up in our group and went in the café.  There were choices.  I took some peas and a burger.  We drank blackcurrant squash.  It was delicious.

Next I was told we were going to do low ropes.  We walked to a place with loads of ropes.  We had to carefully balance on strong ropes.  It was very hard work.  I fell off a couple of times.  It was quite hard but I really enjoyed it.  I caught people sometimes.  I was very exhausted after that.  We merrily walked back to the meeting place. 

It was the best day every because it was really fun.  The best part was survivor because I loved building tents.  I was sad to leave.

Ruairidh Macgregor Watson 2K

First of all we got on the extremely big coach, which took one whole hour! It was all because of the slow traffic. We passed some old mossy trees. At last we arrived at Hindhead. We got organised into groups of 10 or 11.

A few minutes later we went to a place with lots of trees and logs. That was where we were going to start our first activity. It was called ‘Survivor’. It was very sunny! We sat down on thin and large logs that only had a bit of fungi on them. Then we sorted out some tiny cards that had things you need to survive and some that you don’t need to survive with.

After that we had a competition of building a tent. We had to make it with a blue waterproof tarpaulin and some string. My team drew with the other team. The tarpaulin was humongous! After that we sensibly started to light cotton wool with flint and steel. It was really hard. Everyone got a turn, but some of us didn’t succeed.

Our second activity was called low ropes. It was very exciting. Firstly we did some games of trusting your friend. The ropes were made out of metal and were extremely thin. My partners were Harry W and Vayun. Vayun literally always needed something called a fist of friendship, which is when you put your fist up and they hold onto it. After that we did a challenge which was awfully hard.

For our lunch I chose a scrumptious lunch of beef burger with chips, ketchup and mayonnaise. We put our trays away on a shelf.

Our final activity was the giant swing. My partner was Vayun and we both wanted to go to the top! We were the first people in our group. I was scared and excited at the same time. All of us had two goes. You had to pull a string to wing, so I pulled and pulled, but when Vayun pulled it he did it the other way and we went whizzing down!

We were a bit late for the coach and on the way back we sang a mixture of songs. A few people slept, mostly me, but literally no one could sleep with that amount of noise. It was like a herd of elephants going by a herd of rhinoceroses! At last we arrived at school and I was picked up by Isaac’s mum.

Survival at PGL – by Hoa-Tinh Le  2C

Last Friday the whole of Year two went to PGL to practise our team work skills and to have fun. I felt excited because I saw pictures zooming in and out of my mind. When we got onto the coach, I sat next to Cameron. We played a game called ‘ Baby, cake, human’. Then Cameron got out a tube map and we said random places of where we were.

When we got there I was amazed at how PGL looked! Long, blazing, green grass and a huge zip wire as wide and as tall as an elephant!

We were sorted into groups. I was in group 5. First we went on the Giant Swing. It was a huge swing that could swing you across like mad. Ben and I went first. I was pushed into a metal bar and the man attached a rope for us to pull so we could go down. The other children pulled us up into the sky. When I pulled the rope the swing swung so fast downwards I couldn’t believe it!

Next we had a snack and I took a cheese string to eat. Then it was time for the challenge course. The teacher showed us some moves. We hiked over to the challenge course place. I sought lots of blue shards and I helped make a puzzle. It was a very hard puzzle but at the end we solved it.

After that we had lunch. I ate a cheese burger and chips. It was super delicious. Once I had finished I felt totally energised, so I told Mrs Steel I was finished. Mrs Steel asked me to take her tray to the trolley and she gave me 5 house points for doing it.

Finally, it was the low ropes. I was learning about friendship. My friends helped me to go across a wobbly, metal wire. Next we went on a very hard balancing wire. I fell over several times. First I climbed on a wooden wire box. It carried me across very fast. Next were the low ropes and I swung on bars until I got to a bridge. It wasn’t a normal bridge; in fact it was a wobbly bridge! I was helped by Ben and Ethan. They helped by giving me their fists. Last was the part where Ben and Ethan carried me to a wobbly bridge. At the end Mrs Steel gave me one more house point for team work.

At the end of our day we returned to the coach. It was a long way home. I saw the blades of grass swaying and the busy road ahead. Suddenly Mr Morrison started singing some songs.

Finally we got home. It was simply brilliant! I felt tired but at least I had had lots of fun. I wish I could go back again.

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