Summer French

What a wonderful year we have had!

The children have relished sharing their Easter holiday stories about France, whether they were skiing, at Disneyland Paris or visiting lovely chateaux. Thank you for sending postcards and making their trip a wonderful experience for us to share. They brought back to the classroom some excellent new words that we could practise.

In Reception, we have discovered fruit and vegetables and realised that French is not so difficult after all when we found out that La tomate is tomato, La banane is banana and L’orange is an  orange. We were able to apply our knowledge of colour to describe the fruits (“La banane est jaune.”)

In Year 1, we have learnt what odd food habits French people have, with eating frogs legs and snails. Thankfully, we also realised that they save these delicacies for special occasions, and that regularly they eat food such as croissants, brioches and pains au chocolat. C’est delicieux!

In Year 2, we have consolidated the French learnt these past 3 years and I am proud to hear the boys speak some lovely sentences such as : “J’aime les pommes mais je n’aime pas les fraises.” The role-plays became a source of pride in their work and laughter of course. Monsieur Claude, our puppet, was watching from the corner of his eye!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very warm “Bonne chance” to our Year 2 Leavers. Remember to take your French wherever you are going next! Whether in your new school or your future life (or both) there is always an opportunity to speak more than one language!

“Bonnes Vacances a tous!”

Madame Wilson.





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