A Plastic Ocean

On the 26th April 2017, the whole school had the pleasure of welcoming a special visitor. Jo Ruxton is the producer of a documentary called ‘A Plastic Ocean’ and she came to give the boys a very interesting and informative workshop.

The boys were split into different groups throughout the day and each workshop began with a sneak peek of the documentary featuring Jo exploring oceans and finding litter and oil polluting them. She told us about how plastic pollution was becoming an increasing problem especially for animals that get trapped in it or injure themselves.

Jo then showed us the contents of a turtle’s stomach that had been removed when it had been found washed up on a beach. The items included a toothbrush, toys, bottle tops, lighters; basically anything that could end up in an ocean could be swallowed by animals. She also told us that the fish we eat have most likely eaten plastic and so we are ingesting it too!

The boys did a great job to collect and bring in recycled plastic items so we got to work using them to make 3D sea creatures. Their creations were fantastic, and some boys even designed machines to help clean up the oceans!

Jo left us with an important message; our boys are the future generation and they could make a huge difference to the environment.  She reminded us how important it is to recycle plastic we use and to reuse items as much as possible. Jo was very impressed with the boys, she thought they were fantastic and loved their enthusiasm. She would like them to be Ocean ambassadors and spread the message!

Thank you very much to Jo Ruxton for sharing her important work with us and to Friends of Squirrels for funding this brilliant project. More information can be found on www.aplasticocean.ork and the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ can be viewed on Netflix, it is definitely worth a watch!

Miss Cave

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