Summer Music

It has been an exciting term at Squirrels especially for musical performance.

Reception boys have gained a huge amount of confidence in the preparation and presentation of their assemblies. The singing and the dancing, the costumes and the acting, have been wonderful. The Year Two boys have devoted much of the term to learning the songs for their musical The Pied Piper. Their efforts have been worthwhile now that they are singing with great confidence and energy and evident enjoyment.  Our boys are so good at memorising songs but I don't think it comes easily; they have really had to work at it. Well done to them all.  Year One boys have also worked hard and productively in class and their chance to be in the spotlight as a year group again is not too far away.

One of the musical highlights of the term, if not of the year, was the Summer Concert just before the end of term. The performers were selected from amongst the most confident of the class concert performers in Years One and Two.  We had a great range of music and instruments, and every performance was a delight.  I was very proud of the boys for getting up and showing what they could do in front of a large audience of parents and other boys.  It is always easier second time.  A number of Reception boys also played very nicely during the class concerts and their turn to perform in front of parents, will come next year. 

None of this would have been possible without all the hard work they put into class music lessons, where they develop musicianship and an understanding of music.  And then there are the instrumental teachers in and out of school who work week by week to help the boys produce their lovely performances.  We truly value their work for our boys.

In May we had a visit from Abass Doodoo, of One-Drum Workshop who gave us a wonderful day of African Drumming for Years One and Two.  Abass Doodoo who comes from Ghana, has worked regularly with Ginger Baker, so we are very lucky to have such experience working with our boys.  He brought enough African Drums for all the boys to be involved 100% of the time and gave them a great time.  I was so impressed by what they could do by the end of their sessions. 

 Well done to all boys for a great term of music-making.

Frederick Appleby (Head of Music) June 2017

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