Summer Fixtures

We've had another busy term of Sport this Summer.


2AR and 2ED Vs Willington School - Tuesday 7th June

Boys from 2AR and 2ED travelled to Wimbledon Rugby club to compete in an athletics meet against Willington School. There were three events held in a carousel and every boy took part in each of the events. The three events were the individual sprints, the standing long jump and the cricket ball throw. Mr Morrison’s highlights were seeing Rory Keller and Alexander Mattson throw the cricket ball 23 metres! Mr Wright said “I was very impressed with the standard of the long jump from everyone and a particular highlight was seeing Adam, the top jumper from our school, compete against the top jumper from their school both equalling each other’s record three times each”. Congratulations to all who took part and performed magnificently.

Year 1 Vs Donhead  - Wednesday 22nd June

On Wednesday 22nd June all of Year 1 made the short journey across to compete in an athletics fixture against Donhead.  Although the weather was dull, the fixture was quite the contrary with the boys very enthusiastic and eager to participate in the four events.

1C were the first class to throw the cricket ball and George and Isaac separately launched the ball into the sky with more power than the Donhead teachers had anticipated and it landed beyond the designated landing arena. The next event was the long jump,  and Joel from 1D thought it was fantastic as he got to “jump into an enormous sand pit” and Oliver in 1C said he was happy as “ I was allowed to jump into a pit and land on my bottom, just  like the real athletes”

The final field event was the obstacle relay, Milo in 1D said “it was sensational and my favourite part of the obstacle relay course was when I got to run through the agility ladders.”

Once the boys had competed in all three events they raced in the 40 metre sprint. Sammy in 1H said “I loved the athletics fixture because we did the cricket ball throw and the sprints at the end were my favourite.” The fixture was thoroughly enjoyed by all the boys and they managed to make it back to school safe and dry just before the heavens opened.

Reception Athletics - Thursday 7th July

All the Reception boys walked to Donhead for a re-arranged athletics fixture on Thursday 7th July. It was perfect weather conditions and the boys performed fantastically well in front of a big away support. The crowd consisting of  parents, brothers, sisters and even some grandparents were treated to a fantastic morning of athletics including cricket ball throw, long jump and sprinting events. A wonderful morning of sport was brought to an end with “3 cheers for Donhead” led by Alex, Alexander, Harry L and Logan followed by Mr Morrison thanking Mr Scarlett (Donhead) for all his hard work with arranging fixtures over the last few years.


2ED and 2LC vs Kings College School - Monday 16th May

2ED and half the boys from 2LC travelled across the road to compete against KCS in a cricket match. There were three games played simultaneously and some fantastic shots being played and lightening quick running between the wickets from Adam F and his partner Sammy J. Not only was there excellent batting and fielding on display there was also some magnificent bowling in particular from Rory K, Oliver R, Kameron L, Rayan H and Adam F who all took wickets.

Overall Squirrels won one game and lost two games against Kings College.

Congratulations to Aditya K, Alexander M, Oliver R, Rory K, Sammy J, Rayan H Adam F and Kameron L who were all part of the winning team who beat KCS 254 runs to 248. The manager of the team, Mr wright said “I was really pleased with all the boys performances, I saw some outstanding batting and great bowling this morning”

Congratulations to all players for a very good performance in their first school fixture this term against strong opponents.

Year 2 Vs Rokeby - Wednesday 15th June

Year 2 travelled to Rokeby School to compete in a cricket fixture. As always the grounds were in a pristine condition and the sun was breaking through the clouds by the time we had arrived and it set a beautiful landscape for what was to be a lovely morning of cricket.

There was excellent cricket on display across all 7 teams, from batting to bowling and fielding. Noteworthy performances included San from 2LC taking two wickets in just one over and Rayan from 2ED who bowled and then caught the batsman out.  Daniel from 2AR said “the cricket match was awesome, because I ran out a Rokeby boy and hit a four”.

Ahmed and Aarav put on an excellent batting display. Aarav said “the cricket fixture was wicked, because I got to play pairs cricket as well as winning man of the match for my excellent batting”

There were a total of 7 games of cricket being played with WCPS winning 5 and narrowly losing 2. Well done to all the Year 2 boys.


RHC vs The Rowans - Thursday 28th April

The boys in RHC competed in a football fixture against The Rowans.  The format this time was different to before with there being eight games of 4-a-side football which meant all the boys competed in two football matches. The boys won four games drew two games and lost two games.

There was some fantastic goalkeeping on display by Harry O’H and Kartik D as well as some excellent dribbling from Cedric and Toby. There was a world class school boy tutorial by Laurie who scored four goals in one game. It was a lovely occasion for all of those who took part and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Mr Morrison praised the boys for the improvements in their performance since the autumn term match versus Donhead and said “these RHC boys have been on an upward journey since joining in September and their performance today was testament to all the hard work they have put in over the last 2 terms.” Congratulations to all Miss Cogger’s class!

Shrewsbury House Football Festival - Saturday 7th May

Fourteen boys from Year Two were selected to play in the Shrewsbury House football festival. It was an extremely hot day and tough conditions; but they boys didn’t let that affect their outstanding performance. The fourteen boys were mixed into two teams that consisted of the following boys:

2AR: William B, Orson B, Oscar I Aarav P, Mujahid S and Harry T

2ED:  Adam F, Rayan H, Sammy J, Rory K, Konstantinos K,  Kameron L and Oliver R

2LC: San L and Edward L

Both WCPS teams played 4 games each and they both won all four games against some of the following schools: Shrewsbury Lodge, Weston Green, The Rowans, Merlin, and All Stars P

As a school we played 8 games, scored 25 goals and conceded 0 in what was an exceptional footballing display. Mr Morrison said that this was “The best performance by WCPS that I have witnessed at this football festival in my 5 years at the school!”  Well done to all the boys who played at the football festival and were a real credit to the school.

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