Chess Tournament

This term was the first chance for the current Year Ones to participate in the school’s chess tournament and twenty five boys put their names forward. The group stages were played over a four week period and after that four boys qualified for the semi-final.

San Lee played against Raghav Ramesh and Konstantinos Kyriazis played against Arun Kapila. San and Raghav’s first match was a stalemate meaning that they had to replay their game in which Raghav won, resulting in him qualifying for the final. Konstantinos beat Arun Kapila meaning he too qualified for the final.

The final placings were as follows:

1st  Raghav Ramesh

2nd Konstantinos Kyriazis

3rd San Lee

4th Arun Kapila

Arun Kapila from 1C commented,  ‘The chess tournament was brilliant because quite a lot of boys entered the tournament but I qualified for the semi finals’

Chess champion Raghav Ramesh from 1Y said the following,  ‘I was proud I won the chess tournament because there were a lot of difficult opponents.’

Twenty eight Boys from Year Two partook in this year’s chess tournament. In what was a very thrilling group stage, only four boys could advance through to the semi-final. Two closely contested semi-final ties were played at the school summer fair. Peter Speirs won against Arvind Benedict and Sen Patel won against Alfie Edmondson.  Which meant in the final it was Peter Speirs vs Sen Patel and in the 3rd/4th place play off was Arvind Benedict against Alfie Edmondson.

 The final placings were as follows

1st Sen Patel

2nd Peter Speirs

3rd Arvind Benedict

4th Alfie Edmondson

This year’s winner Sen Patel had this to say: ‘The chess tournament was really fun and it meant a lot to me to win this competition, it made me really happy I won. The final was hard because Peter had improved since the last time I played him.’

Runner up Peter Speirs was quoted as saying ‘ The chess tournament was really exciting because I made it through to the semi-finals and there were a lot of good chess players in the tournament, but after I qualified for the semi-finals I thought I was going to be third or fourth because Arvind was a very good player.’

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