Sports Day

Friday 22nd May was the school’s new date for sports day to be held and it turned out to be a fantastic decision with the weather being highs of 20 degrees and no forecast for rain, unlike our past few sports days. Just like every year the boys turned up excited and full of energy ready to give it their all for their houses.

There were six field events for each boy to participate in and after an hour of the fiercely contested field events the scoring was as follows: Bluegate in fourth place, Kingsmere and Queensmere in joint second on 261 points and Ravine had just a two point advantage, meaning they were in the lead with 263 points.

Tobin O’Donnell from Kingsmere house in year 2 thought on the whole sports day was ‘Spectacular’ and his favourite event of the day was long jump.

Ben Court and Harvey Webber who represented Ravine had this to say. “Sports day was brilliant, but we were worried and nervous to see if Ravine had won again.”

Max turner from Queensmere “Loved it because Queensmere won”

After having a break to recharge their batteries, the boys then got ready to participate in the track events, the sprints and the relay. With only two points separating three houses at the interval it was going to be too close to call.

There was super sprinting from all of the boys, (parents and teachers too) in every race. The winner of the gold medal in Year One was William Baker with a time of 9.20 Seconds in his 50M sprint. The winner of the gold medal for the sprinting in Year Two was Callum Grantham with a rapid time of 10.03 Seconds in his 60M sprint. Queensmere managed to clinch the title due to fact that in every reception race at least one Queensmere boy won their race claiming maximum points.

Final Placings:

1st Queensmere: 353 points

2nd Ravine: 337 Points

3rd Kingsmere: 328 Points

4th Bluegate: 295 Points

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