Year 2 & 3 Synagogue Visit

The Year 2 & 3 boys visit to Kingston Synagogue described in their own words:

William Bennet 2FD

On the 12th of June 2013 Year 2 and Year 3 went to the Kingston Synagogue. First 2FD and 2JD talked about Shabbat, Passover and the festival of light. While we were talking about the festival of light a horn blew and everyone laughed!

Then we went to see the Torah Scrolls which is the holy scroll like our Bible. The men and women sit separately because they can get distracted when they pray.

No one is allowed to touch the Torah with their fingers so they use a Yad which points to the words, they also read the scrolls from right to left.

I would love to go again.

Nihal Patel 2ED

On Wednesday 12th June I went to the synagogue. The Rabbi talked to us about an artwork called a tapestry, with candles, trees and all of God’s crea-tion. Next he showed us two yads. After that he took one yad and he showed us the Torah scroll then read it.

After this he read us some lines. He let us read the Torah scroll ourselves with the yad. Then he showed us the Ark where the Torah scrolls are kept.

Finally in the last room there were two activities. One was about the Passover meal and the other one was about when the Jewish people eat a special meal called the Shabbat meal.

Arnie Moth 2JD

On Wednesday 12th June we went to Kingston Synagogue on the bus. It was an awesome trip! We met a Rabbi. Rabbis are like priests and work in the Synagogue. We were given a dry matza bis-cuit to try and it was quite nice.

We saw the Torah Scroll and it was massive. If they make a single mistake they wouldn’t put it in the Ark. The Torah scroll is like the Bible. When the Rabbi read some of the Torah it was really interesting.

We saw the Eternal Light hanging from the ceiling. It is a lamp that is never allowed to go out.

Everyone at Kingston Synagogue was very kind to us.

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