2L's Materials Assembly

On Thursday 26th January, 2L performed their educational and engaging class assembly about Materials.  The boys were also excited to perform their assembly for Year 1 the next day.

The boys all worked very hard learning their lines and they delivered them with great enthusiasm.  The assembly was led by a group of scientists who, with the help of the rest of the class, guided the audience through learning about the materials wood, plastic and metal.  With cries of, “Really!” and “Wow!” lots of interesting facts were shared.  The entertaining characters ‘Water,’ ‘Water Vapour,’ ‘Ice’ and ‘Thermometer’ helped explain how water can change state.  The boys sang the Materials song and poem brilliantly, with their actions and facial expressions bringing the words to life.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents of 2L for all their support with helping the boys learn the lines and songs.  The boys felt very proud of their efforts and thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many parents watching their assembly.

Mrs Logan

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