Great Fire of London Workshop

On 11th February we had a spectacular day. Miss Rosie taught us about the Great Fire of London as it was our history topic.

In the morning Miss Rosie showed us what to do.  She taught us how to work like a barber surgeon, sew, make candles and how to make your name out of clay.  I was astonished that a barber surgeon would chop off your arm if they couldn’t cure it!  First I tried making my name out of clay, it was quite tricky.  Next I worked as a barber surgeon, who was a doctor.

In the afternoon I tried doing some weaving.  It took me about 15 minutes.  Next I made some ink for an inkwell and tried writing my name.   Then we made a candle and we had to say “drip drop drip drop 123” while we held it down.  Then we did something very exciting which was to be archaeologists who dug in the soil and found clues about the past.

Finally I learnt more about the Fire and about Samuel Pepys and his diary.   It was the most exciting day.

By Arvin Kinigama

On Wednesday 11th February we had a Great Fire of London workshop. All of Year Two were invited. It was in Orchard Hall with Mistress Rosie.

Firstly I made a scent bag. It was great fun. Next I made bread which looked really real. Then I made a clay pattern which looked amazing. Afterwards Mistress Rosie told us how much of London got burnt down. It was really interesting. Next we acted like we were pulling down wooden houses.

After lunchtime we dug things up that were around in the Great Fire. We found things like bones and saws which doctors would have used in that time. We also looked at things that people would have tried to save. They were not in a glass case so we had to be very, very careful.

I learnt that the Cathedral roof was made of lead so it melted on the street and started a lead flood. Lots of people could not walk on the pebble stones because of the extremely hot lead.

When my Mum came to pick me up she asked “How was your day?”, I replied; “It has been the best day of school!"

Callum Grantham, 2ED

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