Year 2 Workshop Day

The Year 2 boys learnt about the Great Fire of London at a special workshop.

In 2014 we were learning about the Great Fire of London in a workshop. Mistress Holly ran it at our school in Orchard Hall and all the boys in Year 2 were there. She had a map drawn in felt tip permanent marker pen on the floor and the map showed us London. She said that we were going to be apprentices.

My first job was a candle maker. I got some of the hot wax on my finger and it hurt. I don’t want to be a candlemaker because I hated the smell of the wax! Next I did weaving with Miss Dennis. I thought it was easy and I wanted to do it for my job. In the afternoon we were archaeologists. We found out about who we were looking for. I really loved the day and I really want to do it again.

Sam Kinmont 2JD

On Monday 3rd February a workshop about the Great Fire of London came to Squirrels. A nice lady called Holly showed us how the fire spread. We pretended to be different people. First I made ink out of charcoal and water. I wrote down roman numerals to 10.

Next I made a bookmark by hammering small dots into a piece of leather. I made a headache cure by grinding up lavender. This is what an apothecary would have done. I also pretended to be a chandler. I made a candle. I pretended to be an archaeologist. I dug up a wooden cup. It was the best day ever at school!

Alex Vickery 2ED

On Monday 3rd February we went to a workshop about the Great Fire of London. It started on the 2nd September 1666 in Thomas Farynor’s bakery. The east wind blew the fire. It was very easy for the fire to spread because there was no moisture in the wood and the thatched roofs.

We learned that in school only rich people could afford to do Latin and you had to write with a quill and dip it in ink. If you had a headache the apothecary would give you herbs to smell. If that didn’t work you would go to the barber surgeon who would drill a hole in your head. If you had a sore finger or toe the barber surgeon would chop it off. The good thing about the fire was that it killed the plague; the bad thing about the fire was that it destroyed the city!

Talhah Naqvi 2FD

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