Story Teller - Kevin Graal

On Monday 11th September, Year 2 participated in a story teller workshop which was run by Kevin Graal.

Kevin engaged the boys in a magical tale about a dragon that saved a princess using four magical objects. It was a fantastic introduction to a term in which the boys would be enhancing their vocabulary and using their imagination to write several fictional stories.

During the morning session, Kevin activated the boys’ creativity by including drama and music in the workshop. In the afternoon, the boys re-told the story to each other, drew story maps and re-wrote the story in their own words.

Their attention was maintained throughout the day, as we had to wait in anticipation until the end of the workshop to find out the ending of the tale. It was a tense final ten minutes in Orchard Hall! The workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all the boys and staff and it provided an excellent tool to bringing the boys’ writing to life.

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