Year 1 visit to The London Aquarium

On Thursday 2nd November Year 1 had the opportunity to go into the underwater world of the sea creatures at The London Aquarium. We got through London in record time and had time to eat our snack before entering the aquarium.

Our initial thoughts as we walked over the shark tank was one of trepidation but these soon turned into awe and wonder as we got up close with the huge variety of sea life they have at the aquarium.

During the day we took part in a workshop called Commotion in the Ocean. The boys discussed different adaptations to different environments and two boys were able to dress up as a seahorse and a penguin. The last activity of the workshop was a creative activity where they were able to design their own creature to live in either a coral reef or out in the open ocean. The boys enjoyed the activities and joined in with enthusiasm. We also had the opportunity to eat our lunch right next to the main shark and ray tank, which kept us entertained for 30 minutes. We enjoyed watching how the sea creatures moved and swam around in the tank.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their day.

  • “My favourite bit was the jellyfish.” Ishaan Rao 1D
  • “My favourite sea animal is a Catfish.” Joshua Brown 1D
  • “It was a really good day.” Tristan Hancock 1D
  • “I saw some Gentoo Penguins, they were really cute.” Aiden Mawani 1H
  • “There were some funny stingrays.” Kiaan Mukherjee 1H“We went to the penguins and they did lots of belly flops.”  Lachlan Malan 1C
  • “While we were having lunch we saw sharks in a massive tank.” Vedant Khera 1C

Many thanks to all the parent helpers who accompanied us and helped to make the trip a huge success, your continued support is very much appreciated.

Mrs Dodd

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