Autumn Music

What a wonderful term of music making, but wait. I am ahead of myself. Firstly I must apologise for my tardiness in saying hello. My only excuse is that your marvellous boys, the Harvest celebration and now our Christmas preparations have certainly kept me on my toes!

I am Jane Pincott and am the Head of Music for WCPS.  However, I am not new to this splendid school at all. In fact I joined the staff team over nine years ago, since when my roles have included job sharing with Mrs Buck as she moved into her management role, being Head of Year 1 and finally Head of Music. I needed to incrementally reduce my working hours and eventually had to stop working altogether as I cared for my parents. However here I am again, a very happy teacher.

This term your boys have demonstrated such enthusiasm for music and have worked very hard to acquire a whole new set of musical skills. Each week I lead two Music Assemblies where the whole school learn more about singing and as I write are rehearsing very hard for the Christmas Service.

The aim of music making in WCPS is for the boys to develop a life long love of music, to perform confidently and to develop the beginnings of musical literacy. Each class lesson therefore includes instrumental work, the development of rhythm and music reading skills and the listening/watching of a different genre of music each term.

We are working to develop the boys’ singing technique as our singing could be described as robust and rather evokes the energy of a Twickenham terrace rather than the quiet reflection of an Abbey evensong. More importantly though, our boys believe they are singers and always perform confidently.   I consider this to be essential to their continued enjoyment of music making and so I’ll  leave it to their next music teachers to reign them in and develop the subtleties of a more advance vocal technique!

This term Reception and Year 1 classes have enjoyed meeting the instruments of the orchestra through listening to Peter and the Wolf and Year 2 were introduced to Opera as we watched an especially adapted version of Mozart’s Magic Flute.  The rapt attention from such a young audience was a wonder to behold. As we approach Christmas, all boys are watching the ballet The Nutcracker which is a delightful introduction to the artistry and physicality of dance.

Our new Reception boys excelled in their Harvest performance which was based around the shocking revelation that 7 million tons of edible food is wasted in our country each year.  They learned many, many lines to perfection and sang with gusto and skill. Thank you to all who contributed to the vast amount of produce we were able to give to Sutton Foodbank as our special Harvest offering this year. It was greatly appreciated.

So looking ahead there are new things afoot. In January 2018 we will launch the Music Performance Workshop which should be both challenging and enjoyable.  Thanks to the support of the Friends of Squirrels I have been able to hire 2 musicians to work with me to deliver a composition workshop for the whole school, but more of that later. In the meantime the boys will continue to develop their confidence as musicians but most importantly of all we will continue to have FUN.

This has been a wonderful return to WCPS for me and I thank you for your support and encouragement throughout my first term back at school.
Wishing you a very happy family Christmas

Jane Pincott


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