Trip to the London Wetland Centre

Three boys from Year 2 have recounted their trip to the London Wetland Centre in Barnes.

Yesterday Year 2 travelled to the London Wetland Centre, which was humid. When we arrived we got into groups and we met Tea.

We went into the Discovery Centre for a short time. Then it was snack time, I had raisins and carrot sticks, they were delicious.

We walked to the Adventure Playground. There were underground tunnels and a zip line.

I found a blue huge fish in a net which I caught with Victor. We also caught a gigantic green snail.

At lunch time I ate sandwiches, apple and popcorn.

After lunch we met Maggie and we learnt to use binoculars and we focussed them on the Peacock Tower. I saw a white bird, a mallard, and a black-headed gull.

On the coach I was sad that I left the Wetland Centre but I was happy to see my mum back at school. My favourite part of the day was going to play in the Adventure Playground!

Toby Muzalewski 2K

On Tuesday Year Two went to the Wetland Centre.  When we got there first we talked to a member of the staff about the safety rules.

The first thing we saw was the otters.  They were so cute and it looked like they could swim so easily.  They could swim under water for so long.

After that we went to see the birds and my friend saw a Peregrine Falcon.  The lady said that one day were 30 birds and the next day there were only three birds.

At lunchtime I ate a pitta bread and jam and I had a juice.

Next I went to do pond dipping.  My team caught two damselflies and we caught two snails.  I learnt how to catch things in a pond.

At the end I went to the Discovery Centre and I played with a water machine.

My favourite part of the day was looking at the very cute otters.

Douglas Adams 2L

On Tuesday Year 2 went to the London Wetland Centre to learn about habitats.  We travelled for a very long time.  When we arrived on the coach we lined up behind Mrs Khan and walked inside. 

At snack time we sat on the grass and I had three carrot sticks and one little box of raisins. 

Our first learning was pond dipping.  I caught a water boat skimmer.  I learnt that most dragonflies live near ponds and rivers. 

At lunchtime I had one cheese sandwich, two ham sandwiches, mini cheddars and then I looked for otters. 

Our afternoon activity was looking for birds and ducks through binoculars.  I saw a grey heron with a long beak and long wings.  I learnt that all kinds of herons are beautiful.  

On the coach home I kept looking outside for birds.  My favourite part of the day was pond dipping because I loved catching the water boat skimmer.

Scott Lee 2C

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