Slime Show

On Thursday 17th November, Year 1 and Year 2 were treated to a scientific slime show. James from the Look Out Discovery Centre came to visit us with his array of different coloured and textured slimes.

The show began with a discussion about solids, liquids and gases and the boys were asked which category they thought slime belonged to. The answer was none of them! Slime is actually a colloid which means it has liquid and solid properties. Five boys were then chosen to take part in a ‘bubble race’ involving holding large transparent tubes filled with different liquids and turning them over to see which tube’s bubble would rise to the top first. The winner was the water tube and the final bubble to reach the top was in the honey tube as we learnt that honey is more ‘viscous’ than the other liquids – a quality that makes good slime!

For the duration of the show, the boys had an opportunity to discover and touch different types of slime and there was also an experiment to discover which slime was the bounciest; the more viscous slime.

We learnt so many scientific facts throughout the show, including how much mucus an average nose makes a day (one cup) and how fast a sneeze travels (100 MPH!)To the boys’ sheer delight (and the teachers’ disgust!), a giant nose was revealed and a boy was asked to pick it! This resulted in ‘bogies’ flying into the audience causing much hilarity.

Finally, a teacher in each show was asked to hold a solid ball of cornflour mixed with water, which seemed straightforward enough….until James gave the instruction to release pressure on the ball resulting in a huge slimy mess!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and would like to thank Friends of Squirrels for sponsoring the event. 

Miss Cave




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