Autumn Sport

During the Autumn term the boys have been developing their football, gymnastics and tag rugby skills.

Next term EYFS boys will be focusing on team games and using bats and balls. Year 1 will be developing partner work using handballs and basketballs. Year 2 will be introduced to Uni-hok and problem solving and inventing games. All the boys will continue to develop their agility, balance and coordination through weekly gymnastic lessons.

The last two sports events this term will be the Year 2 inter-house football competition on Monday 12th December and the Year 1 inter-house football competition on Tuesday 12th December. Both competitions will start at 9.15am and finish at 10.30am at KCS.

There were an excellent set of results from the autumn term sports fixtures with nine football fixtures played by the boys at the time of writing and over fifty individual matches played. Squirrels continue to go from strength to strength on the sports field and this is reflected in our Year 2 boys who are highly motivated, skilful and producing excellent results. I look forward to seeing the Reception and Year 1 boys develop and produce equally fantastic performances in the future whilst learning about the value of sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game regardless of the result.

We were privileged this term to have a visit from Mrs Khan’s cousin, Claire Cashmore, an eight times Paralympic medallist. Claire took an assembly and recounted her life story from the shark attack in which she lost her arm (she was only joking!) to standing on the podium receiving her gold medal in the 4 x 100 metre medley relay in Rio. Her simple and strong message to all the boys, staff and Friends of Squirrels was that if you believe you cannot achieve something add in the word “yet” at the end of the sentence.    

I hope you enjoy reading a selection of the match reports below and look forward to a wonderful 2017 which will include many more fixtures, Year 2 PGL trip, a new Year 1 Wild Learning trip and of course Sports Day on Friday 26th May.   

Mr A. Morrison

Year 2 Football Match versus Kings College School Monday 19th September 2016

The first Squirrels fixture can always be a tough one especially against Kings College Boys who are a year older. Needless to say the Squirrels boys did not crumble to the pressure and gave their best efforts. The boys played with great determination and excellence right to the end. WCPS played a total of eight games and lost seven. However, a special mention goes to Cameron, Christopher, Troy, Vayun, Alexander, Luke, Fraser and Adam who won their match 5-1. Mr Harvey who managed the team said "this team is really capable of a lot of exciting things. When we conceded we had to show determination to stay in the game.”

Here is a selection of quotes from the victorious team after the match. Cameron said “I enjoyed taking a great free-kick which helped Christopher score the goal”; “I enjoyed cheering for my team when we scored” said Adam;  “We worked really well together making sure we were finding spaces to pass to each other” said Fraser; “I was so fast dribbling with the ball that Kings’ Boys couldn’t catch me” said Troy; “I really liked being in defence and made sure nobody was passing me” said Alexander;  “I remember doing a big celebration when I scored but then I fell over” said Christopher.

Year 2 Cranmore Football Tournament on Saturday 1st October

Thirteen boys from Year 2 travelled to play in the Cranmore Football Tournament on a bright Saturday morning. The boys played a variety of schools including Cranmore, Rokeby, Shrewsbury Lodge, Downsend and The Rowans.

Results: 2-2 against eventual tournament winners Rokeby, lost 1-0 to Cramore A, won 4-0 against Cranmore B, won 3-0 against Shrewsbury Lodge and won 1-0 against Downsend. Aiden A. said “I thought the tournament was really hard, although we had lots of chances to score and I enjoyed playing”.

Well done to Isaac, Noah, Senan, Aiden, George, Arda, Rory, Ethan, Ruairidh, James, Minseung, Tristan and Max.

Year 2 versus Donhead on Monday 10th October

On a lovely autumnal afternoon year 2 travelled to Wimbledon RFC to compete in a school fixture against Donhead. There were excellent footballing skills on display and a fantastic set of results with WCPS winning 7 matches and drawing 1.

On Mrs Logan’s pitch, the boys worked fantastically as a team. Yichen was a very supportive non-playing captain coaching his team from the side-lines. The boys’ effort was excellent, Fraser scored two goals for the Squirrels and Harry W scored one goal.  Well done team!

Mrs Steel’s boys managed to work hard and play with determination as they battled hard for a 2-1 win over Donhead. Joel and Zander were the goalkeepers for each half and they both made some fantastic saves. Devan put in a man of the match performance with his fantastic dribbling, changing speed and direction to avoid defenders and scored a brace. Mrs Khan said “The match was super, with domination from Squirrels.  Isaac scored 3 of the 4 goals scored, all set up well by other players in the team. George played superbly in defence, keeping the ball out of our area and in the Donhead side! There were lots of good passing skills and they worked well as a team.”

Mrs Johnston’s team won 4-2 with exceptional team work. Minseung, Peter and Troy made some fantastic passes to their teammates who were eagerly waiting in spaces and which led to Troy being chosen as man of the match.

Mr Wright’s team fought very hard to get a 4-0 win. Mr Wright said “The boys were very organised and played some lovely passes as well as putting in some strong challenges.” Tristan scored a brace, with Ethan and Rory grabbing one goal apiece.

On Mr Foster’s pitch after a good start from both teams it was WCPS who took the lead with a great strike from Cameron that was hit hard and low into the bottom left corner. After Donhead took centre the WCPS boys won the ball back very quickly and attacked the Donhead goal in numbers. Cameron broke forward and dribbled past a defender and slotted the ball past an outstretched keeper. After some good passing from both teams the next goal came from WCPS as Charlie fired a low shot at the goalkeeper’s feet and Jakob followed up the rebound and fired the ball into the roof of the net. The game finished with a few more goals from Jakob and one from Charlie. Final score WCPS 7 Donhead 0.

On Mr Morrison’s pitch, Christopher was twisting and turning his way past Donhead players, Sammy had an excellent game in midfield. They were backed up by solid performances from Kieran and Gabriel in defence with Peter and Philip wide on each wing.

1D versus Donhead on Monday 10th October

1D played their first fixture of the school year against Donhead School. In the first game Brian showed some fantastic ball control as he showed his ability to dribble past defenders and score not just once but twice in the game. With the game still at 2-0 John, who had made some fantastic saves, was then swapped around and became an outfield player who scored our final goal of the game to make it 3-0.

In the second game Saleh made some excellent diving saves to keep the game at 0-0 but it wasn’t  long before Louie’s shot in the bottom left corner of the goal proved too difficult for the Donhead goalkeeper to save. Louie also grabbed the second goal which meant the game ended 2-0 to Squirrels.

In the third game the boys combined their excellent passing to make the pitch as big as possible which made it very difficult for the opposition to try and win the ball back. This resulted in Prabath scoring two glorious goals. Charlie was then fouled in the penalty box and stood up to take the penalty, the keeper made the first save but Charlie was quick to react and scored the rebound. Donhead scored on the counter attack to make it 3-1 but it wasn’t before long that WCPS grabbed a fourth to make it 4-1 to Squirrels!

The final game was a pleasure to watch with lots of dribbling and passing similar to the previous match. Laurie started in goal and played really well before he swapped at half time with Jaiveer. James and Sebastian were both solid in defence making it hard for Donhead to score and Jack played a sublime pass to Laurie who scored to make the final score 1-0 to Squirrels.

Year 2 vs King’s College Junior School Monday 7th November

The Year 2 boys performed magnificently against a strong and determined King’s College School which fielded a number of ex-Squirrels. The boys played 6 matches in total winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 3. The following are a few select match reports from the morning:

There was a sense of excitement in the air as the boys walked over to KCS to find out which team they were playing in.

It was an even match to begin with, both teams trying to lay an early stamp on the game with Sammy working hard by dribbling past two King’s defenders and getting a shot away. The next attack from King’s saw them pass the ball down the left hand side of the pitch which caught WCPS out and lead to King’s shooting just wide of the goal. From the resulting goal kick Gabriel passed it out in a space on the right hand side of the pitch, Sammy (with what I can only describe as a Lionel Messi inspired run) dribbled in and out of the King’s team and passed the ball into the bottom corner of the net.

Shortly after Sanjit went on a brilliant run of his own and passed the ball across the goal for Sammy to tap in goal number 2.  After changing positions at half-time, WCPS continued at a high pace. The next attack by King’s ended up with a great finish from their centre forward shooting outside of the box to make it 2-1. Sammy scored his second to make it 3-1 and late on Peter got on the score sheet to finish the match WCPS 4 KCS 1.

Mr Foster

Once again it was a pleasure to manage a fantastic team of Devan, Cameron K, Kaysan, Charlie, and Kieran and captained by Joe S. In a tight match there were some wonderful displays of passing and winning the ball back with such confidence and passion that the Squirrels boys managed to grab a well-deserved 1-0 victory, which was scored by Devan. With amazing support on the side-lines from all the parents this really encouraged the boys to play with such enthusiasm and they worked their socks off, and it was a well-deserved team victory for WCPS.

Congratulations to each and every one of you!

Mr Rayar

With a team full of enthusiasm, determination and hard workers I knew this was going to be a fantastic football game from the outset. The team of Alexander S, Alexander W, Joel, Milo Thomas and Zander put in strong tackles, made excellent passes as well as going on many runs. Due to the boys’ hard work and determination, combined with Zander’s goalkeeping in the first half, it was unsurprising when the Squirrels went 1-0 up with a lovely goal from Alexander W.

The second half was just as good as the first with the KCS boys applying lots of pressure and grabbing an equalising goal. The end of the game finished 1-1 which was a fair reflection of how hard both teams had played.

Mr Wright

Year 2 versus Rokeby on Wednesday 30th November

The fixture had to be moved at the last minute due to frozen pitches at Rokeby Sports Ground. However, this did not unsettle the Year 2 Squirrel’s football team and they performed magnificently against Rokeby.

The following are the results from the morning:

  • Manager:  Mr Wright - LOST 5-2 - Noah, George, Isaac, Aiden and Arda
  • Manager:  Mr Bragg - DRAW 5-5 Tristan, James, Senan, Dougie, Samvrit and Rory
  • Manager: Mrs Steel - WON 10-0 - Peter, Minseung, Troy, Max, Samuel and Ethan
  • Manager: Mr Morrison - WON 8-2 - Gabriel, Toby, Philip, Sanjit, Christopher, Ben and Ruairidh
  • Manager: Mr D - WON 12-0 - Charlie, Jago, Kaysan, Jakob, Cameron, Hoa-tin and Keeran
  • Manager:  Mr McInnes - WON 4-2 - Vayun, Alexander, Luke, Scott, Cameron, Fraser, Harry, Arran and Yichen
  • Manager: Mr Whiteley - Won 19-1 - Joel, Oliver, Devan, Joe, Zander, Adam and Alexander
  • Manager: Mr Foster - WON 8-2 - Harry, Shayan, Nicholas, Alexander, Ali, Thomas, Milo and Samuel
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