Year 1 Assemblies

This term saw some wonderful Year 1 assemblies.

1C Class Assembly: Guy Fawkes and  the Bonfire Code

I am so proud of each and every one of the boys in 1C.  They did a sterling job of speaking clearly and presenting their lines confidently to the school and all the parents who came to watch.  Our assembly aptly fell on the 5th of November.   They told the story of how Guy Fawkes did not like King James 1 (our own James loved being King James) very much.  Guy Fawkes plotted to kill the King and blow up the Houses of Parliament.  To the theme music of James Bond, the soldiers searched the cellars of Parliament.  The plot was foiled and luckily the King was saved. 

The boys also shared tips of how to stay safe when attending fireworks displays or using fireworks in their own gardens.  It is all about following ‘The Firework Code’.  Mr Appleby taught the boys a lovely song about fireworks, which they sang really beautifully.  After much excitement the boys showed their firework pictures.  They had chosen WOW words (adjectives) to describe them.  Each boy stood up and displayed his picture and announced his WOW word clearly.  I am really impressed with the effort they all put into learning their lines.  It was great success.  Thank you.

Mrs Clark

1D Class Assembly: Monkey Puzzle

1D was lucky enough to be the first class to perform their assembly of the year. We had just started our science topic which was based on animals so we decided we would like to perform a well-known story about a little monkey who needs help finding his mum. As we have a few little ‘monkeys’ in the class already I decided to split the roles amongst many of them and we ended up with a small group of monkeys and a small group of butterflies.

The play was based on the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’, it tells of a little monkey who is led through the forest and as he is introduced to each of the animals it becomes obvious that there are many similarities and differences between all of them. Luckily the monkey eventually finds his mum and all is well.  The boys enjoyed learning their lines and being able to play the roles of the animals. I was so impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm that the boys showed whilst working on this assembly.  I would like to congratulate my class and their parents for all the hard work they put in and for making the assembly such an enjoyable one.

Mrs Dodd

1H Class Assembly: Before you click, click, click…

On 24th September it was 1H’s turn to perform their class assembly.  The theme was internet safety.  The class confidently told the story of Smartie the Penguin who is given a new laptop and enjoys using the internet.  However,  sudden problems occur and with the help of the audience and clever Daddy Penguin the class assist Smartie in making the right and sensible decisions about how to deal with issues on the internet.  The boys brilliantly performed a jingle to remind everybody that “Before you click, click, click, you’ve got to think, think, think and tell someone!”  Well done 1H for teaching everyone such an important message!

Thank you to Mr Appleby for kindly accompanying the jingle on the piano.

Miss Hallenga

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