Autumn Music

We have had another wonderful term of music at WCPS.

Carol Service 2015

Commissioning a few ancient prophets or launching a flight of rocket fuelled Angels must have been a comparatively simple way of preparing for Christmas Day; that cannot compare with battling down Oxford Street, correcting the punctuation and spelling in a painfully scrawled letter to Santa, or keeping Great Auntie Mabel entertained (while she’s not snoring).

We, on the other hand, have had the joy of singing and presenting ‘the greatest story ever told’ in front of an audience of adoring parents, with the weeks of heart-warming preparation that goes into it.  To some, this is a brand new story, but it is amazing how quickly they pick it up and warm to it.

It is a lovely story, full of the unexpected and charming, and it has inspired some of the most beautiful music ever written.  The boys clamour for the best songs, and sing them with a rare passion.  Singing is one of the activities that the whole school community enjoys together  and  the Christmas Carol service must be one of the finest moments in the school community year. None of us has forgotten our first Nativity, dressing up as shepherds or angels, or the like, and it was magical. 

The boys put on a splendid show, and their halos were untarnished for the duration.  Congratulations to all for launching Christmas with such style and for boosting the Kleenex share price.

A special thanks to Karl Dorman, from Wimbledon College, for his fine organ playing.

Autumn Music 2015

Losing one third of the school each summer is hard enough but when we are also losing some of our best musicians to their next schools, then it is tougher.

It is counterbalanced by the delight of discovering the talent and enthusiasm that is climbing up through the school in the lower years, and over the past few weeks, both Year One and Two have amazed me with their maturing musicality and singing ability as well as the emerging enthusiasm and interest from the new boys in Reception.  It won’t be long until we are back where we were in the early summer and may be even better than last year.

I am delighted with the number of boys learning musical instruments in and out of school and in particular those who are putting in the daily practice at home that fuels their progress.  The Year Two group string-teaching scheme has launched successfully again this term and we have another healthy cohort of boys involved.  We are so lucky to have two very inspiring and able teachers running it - in Miss Andrews and Mrs Dearing.

I’m very much looking forward to the next few months and seeing what the boys can achieve – they are amazing to work with.

Frederick Appleby

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